DataMiner Integration Studio v2.31 Release

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.31 Release

DIS version 2.31 is now available for download.

This new version contains, amongst other improvements, the following highlights.

For a complete overview, see DIS v2.31 Release Notes.

Solution-based Automation Scripts

Similar to previously released “Solution-based Protocols”, we can now work with “Solution-based Automation Scripts”.

One big difference compared to “Solution-based Protocols” is that “Solution-based Automation Scripts” also allows to combine multiple automation scripts in one solution.

Working with Solution-based Automation Scripts has the following benefits:

  • Allows integrating Unit Tests.
  • Allows a better CI/CD pipeline integration.
  • Allows to nicely organize scripts C# code in folders and files.
  • Allows code to be re-used by multiple automation scripts.
  • Allows working with project references in a more standard way.

Automation Script Debugging

Similar to the long-existing “Protocol QAction Debugging” feature, DIS Inject now also allows debugging Automation Scripts.

DIS will now allow to execute the following steps in a user-friendly way:

  • Replace the DLL of DataMiner with a debug version of it.
  • Attaching Visual Studio Debugger to the DataMiner SLAutomation process.
  • Manually trigger a script.
  • Step through the script code as it runs.

Numerous Validator Improvements

A big effort has been made regarding the quality and useability of the DIS Validator.

  • Checks susceptibles to generate a lot of results have been grouped in subresults for a better overview.
  • Numerous checks were improvements regarding false positive results, clearness of results, extending result details, etc.

If you are new to DIS and curious to learn more about how to leverage the power of DataMiner to integrate new data sources with DIS, then we recommend you to visit the DIS Expert Hub.

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