DataMiner Integration Studio v2.29 Release

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.29 Release

DIS version 2.29 is now available for download here.

This new version contains the following new features and bug fixes:

Generate Ember+ parameters

Developing Ember+ DataMiner drivers is now much easier and faster. Data from an Ember+ device can be exported using the open-source ‘EmberViewer’ tool. These exported files can then be used to automatically generate the needed parameters in a driver, to display all information of the device.

Display Editor – Parameter Height

The display editor, allowing us to position parameters on pages, now better reflects the actual result in Cube by adapting the visual height of components.

Table Editor – Column Width

Great improvements on the calculation of the ideal width for table columns by taking following aspects into account:

  • Column titles
    • Column sorting icon
    • Cube truncating the table postfixes from column descriptions
    • Key icons (PK/DK/FK): depending if the table has some Histogram or HeaderCalculation (Sum/Average/etc) enabled
  • Column content
    • DateTime/Date/Time Params
    • Discreets/Exceptions
    • Units/Ranges/Decimals

Validator – C# Code Analysis

A bunch of new C# code analysis checks in order to detect following mistakes

  • Usage of obsolete preprocessor directives such as DCFv1
  • QAction entry point classes implementing unsupported interfaces such as IDisposable
  • Applying historySet call on Param without historySet option enabled
  • Executing Gets & Sets on non-existing Param
  • Mismatch between entry points defined in QAction@entryPoint attribute & defined C# classes and methods
  • Usage of DELT incompatible calls
  • Usage of unrecommended methods such as Thread.Abort(),
  • SLProtocol.GetParameterIndex(), etc.

Parameter Snippets Reviewed

The big list of Param snippets full review & reorganization in following subfolders

  • Displayed: the snippets in this folder has been reviewed to better reflect what is present in the UI components section of the DDL.
  • Internal logic: contains internal logic Params such as dummy Params, fixed Params, etc.
  • Param options: contains all snippets allowing to add options to existing Params such as Alarm tag, Subtext tag, Exceptions tags, etc.
  • Serial communication: contains serial communication Params such as headers, trailers, etc.
  • SNMP communication: contains SNMP communication Params such as trap receivers, SNMP table, etc.

You can find a complete list of the features and enhancements of DIS version 2.29 in the release notes.

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