Buy your DataMiner credits on Azure Marketplace

Buy your DataMiner credits on Azure Marketplace

Great news for Azure users: you can now purchase DataMiner credits directly on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This integration brings added convenience and efficiency to managing your data operations.

DataMiner credits?

DataMiner credits are a unique currency that lets you effortlessly launch your DataMiner System in the cloud through DataMiner as a Service (DaaS) or take advantage of DataMiner’s hassle-free cloud storage solution, DataMiner Storage as a Service (STaaS).

Why choose Azure Marketplace for DataMiner credits?

  • Leverage existing contracts: Utilize your corporate contracts with Microsoft to streamline procurement processes.
  • Reduce administrative overhead: Simplify procurement by purchasing directly from the marketplace, eliminating the need for additional contracts with Skyline.
  • Centralized billing: Receive a single invoice for Azure services and third-party software purchases, simplifying financial management.
  • Purchase in local currency: Conduct transactions in your preferred currency* for added convenience.

*You can find a complete list of all Marketplace-supported currencies on

Getting Started:

If you already have an Azure account, jump right in and purchase your DataMiner credits through the Azure Marketplace.

For newcomers, detailed steps are available in DataMiner Docs to guide you through the process seamlessly.

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