Are you maximizing your value delivery?

Are you maximizing your value delivery?

Here’s a friendly reminder that time is a finite resource. In today’s fast-paced world, tasks pile up like a laundry list and possibilities have become endless. The challenge lies in knowing how to use this precious resource to create maximum value. That’s why we should always ask ourselves, “Are we maximizing our value delivery? Are we focusing on the most valuable things?”

However, maximizing value delivery comes with a few considerations.

What is value?

In the spirit of the age-old saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, the perception of value is inherently subjective and varies among stakeholders. Achieving true value necessitates establishing a seamless connection with stakeholders to comprehend THEIR needs and challenges. That’s why we should always start with a clear definition of what the value is that we’re aiming for.

Measuring success

Even though thoroughly defined, value remains a highly intangible concept. This implies that tangible and measurable outcomes become the yardstick by which success is quantified.

Pose questions like ‘Is the user satisfied?’ and delve into key metrics. For example, our squads look at feature downloads, blog post engagement, and tutorial views, among other metrics. These metrics serve as the mirrors reflecting the true impact of their efforts.

Agile is the answer

Maximizing value delivery requires agile mastery. Short iterations, increased transparency, time-boxed activities, and swift deliveries emerge as strategic allies on our journey to value delivery excellence. Let’s embrace the agile mindset. Don’t know how? Visit our Agile Portal and get started on your agile journey.

Every day, ask yourself: “Have I moved the value needle and had an impact on the desired outcome?”

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