Alarm History Mode for Visual Overviews: The best of both worlds

Alarm History Mode for Visual Overviews: The best of both worlds

If you want a detailed account of your alarm history, your first stop will be the Alarm Console. If you need instant observability information, however, Visual Overview is probably the first thing that jumps to mind. Both are extremely valuable features in their own right. But just imagine how great it would be to get the best of both worlds!

Actually… you don’t have to imagine it all!

With the brand-new Alarm History Mode for Visual Overview, you can now access precious alarm history information on the Visual Overview itself, simply by dragging the timeline to the timestamp of interest!

Just take a look at this brief video where we demonstrate the simplicity of the Alarm History Mode for Visual Overview.

Or read about it!

The convenient list/tree view makes the Alarm Console the go-to place for revisiting your alarm history. However, until recently, the overall visual representation of your operations, like topologies, services and products could only display the current alarm severities in real time.

But that’s history!

Since the release of DataMiner version 10.1.8, Visual Overviews support the ability to go back in time and activate “History Mode”, which is actually as easy as dragging the timeline back and forth! In this mode, the Visual Overview components display the alarm severities exactly as they were at that point in time. No need for imagining the past when it’s effortlessly laid out on the screen. Easy and effective!

You can find out more about how to use the new syntax to design your own Visual Overviews with Alarm History Mode in the v10.1.8 release notes. Enjoy!

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