Alarm Console light bulb feature: Use insights to keep an overview of your system

Alarm Console light bulb feature: Use insights to keep an overview of your system

Is your operation becoming increasingly complex and challenging to manage? Are you unable to keep track of everything happening within your operation? With DataMiner 10.3.10, the power of insights 💡 is here to lend you a helping hand.

For the past few years, DataMiner has come equipped with several state-of-the-art AI features right out of the box. It can automatically detect anomalies in your trend data, group alarms into incidents, predict the likely evolution of a parameter in the future, and more.

In DataMiner 10.3.10, we have made it even easier for you to access some of these features by adding a light bulb button💡 in the top-right corner of the Alarm Console. This light bulb feature allows you to view detected information at a glance.

Alarms that require your focus

Alarm focus analyzes your alarm history and detects recurring patterns. Based on this, it acts as an effective spam filter for your Alarm Console, highlighting the most important alarms. With the light bulb button, you can now easily see the number of alarms in the current tab that require your focus and filter them with a single click.

Incidents in your system

The automatic incident tracking feature autonomously groups your alarms into different incidents based on past behavior and their connections within your DataMiner System. This can help you maintain an overview of your Alarm Console and identify potential issues within your operation. If the automatically detected incidents are not yet perfect, you can further refine them by manually adding and removing alarms. Whenever incidents are detected in your system, the light bulb button 💡allows you to easily open a new tab for further inspection.

Anomalies in your trend data

By analyzing your trend data, behavioral anomaly detection can detect parameters that exhibit unexpected behavior. This could include a sudden spike in a value well above its typical range or a parameter that starts a downward trend after always being stable in the past. Whenever such anomalies are detected, the new light bulb button will literally 'light up' and show the message "X anomalies were found in your trend data", allowing you to quickly review and assess any concerning developments.

Alarms predicted in the near future

DataMiner uses past parameter behavior to predict future behavior for the upcoming hours or days. If it anticipates the parameter crossing a critical alarm threshold, proactive cap detection will create an event. The light bulb feature will continuously monitor for such events and notify you when one is detected.

Pattern occurrences

If you have certain recurring patterns in your trend data that you want to detect and label (anything from a spike in disk usage during a backup to a temporary increase in the number of users experiencing connection issues), pattern matching (also known as Automated Tagging) is your friend.

It allows you to select a region in a trend graph and give it a label. From that point forward, any other occurrence of that pattern will be automatically recognized and tagged with the same label. You can then also opt to create an event for each new occurrence of the pattern. The light bulb feature allows you to easily find these suggestion events in your Alarm Console when they appear.

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