What about your Agile and Scrum mindset?

What about your Agile and Scrum mindset?

Agile methodologies are the key to achieve the best possible result in projects where there are a lot of variables and unknowns. It’s also important that we all understand the essence of how the methodology and mindset work.

We want to support you on your way to better understand the Agile way of working. That’s why we just released a quiz that will make you reflect about the Agile methodologies. Do the test on a regular basis as we will keep adding questions to the pool.

1 thought on “What about your Agile and Scrum mindset?

  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Brilliant! Agile is really not that easy. It takes time for people to let go of old habits, to really learn the essence of it and to truly practice it. This is more than just a quiz. Use it with your squad and do it frequently. And this is not about getting it right or wrong, but really just a fun way to make you reflect together on this very important topic, and ultimately to grow and get better at getting the job done the Agile way.

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