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Hi Jens, As far as I know there's no documentation available for this call, I can however give you the meaning of the indices in the code snippet you provided: 0 = DataMiner ID of the element 1 = Element...

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Hi Yvan, The offload behaviour has changed in version 10.3.12. For performance reasons we have decided to split up the offload files per database table instead of one big offload file. So from that version...

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Hi Fenta, The supported layouts should be as follows: InputLeftOutputBottom InputLeftOutputTop InputRightOutputBottom InputRightOutputTop InputBottomOutputLeft InputBottomOutputRight InputTopOutputLeft...

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From VC++ 2015 onwards, there should be a binary compatibility between these redistributables, see for more information....

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Hi Ryan, This error is being thrown if any of the following settings in the Cassandra.yaml file is not present or configured as an empty string: data_file_directories commitlog_directory cluster_name...

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Hi Ana, From the log you posted, the log indicating the start of an action does not happen on the same thread (6728) as the log indicating the end of an action (6988), if you want to correlate this data...

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Hi Bing, The size of 10GB is enforced on the SQLite database level, we calculate the actual amount of data stored in the database file(s) and stop writing if the configured threshold is passed. In the...

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