New DataMiner Learning and Certification Program

New DataMiner Learning and Certification Program

Skyline Communications, the global leader in AI-powered end-to-end network management and orchestration solutions for the media and broadband ICT industry, announces a new Learning & Certification Program as part of its DataMiner Cloud Platform. The most notable change is that all DataMiner training programs are now available online free of charge in the Dojo Community. At the same time, the training offering has also been considerably extended to cover additional expert topics in depth, such as data ingest and control plane engineering, the new DataMiner Dashboards, automation workflow design, and more. On top of that, Skyline also has a new Certification Program, enabling organizations and individuals to formally attest their expertise across all relevant domains.

“The Certification Program supports the organizations that invest in our technology, ensuring that knowledge is mastered by their appointed subject-matter experts and that they can get the maximum out of the DataMiner platform.”

Emma Saldi –  Online Training Coordinator

New DataMiner Learning and Certification Program

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  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Congrats to all involved at Skyline, this is great teamwork. All training easy accessible for anyone at any time. More in depth training on expert topics, straight from the experts at Skyline. And last but not least, the start of a a great certification service, allowing organizations to get the maximum out of their DataMiner System, and a great way for people to formally attest their personal value.

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