Terms of Qualification

For Business Development Reward



This document describes Skyline Communications’ (hereafter “Skyline”)  terms of qualification for earning a business development reward (the ‘Business Development Reward’). 

The purpose of this document is to help to achieve fruitful cooperation between Skyline and the Partner (each “a Party”, together “the Parties”) by outlining the terms of engagement between the Parties. This includes, among others, the roles and responsibilities of the Parties, as well as the relationship between different Partners. 

This Partnership Program aims to increase transparency between the Parties and create a level playing field for Partners that develop opportunities to sell Skyline Products.  


Partners of Skyline that wish to earn a Business Development Reward are expected to respect and comply with these terms of qualification (the “Rules”). The term “Partner” means any third-party company or individual that has a written agreement in place with Skyline that allows them to resell Skyline’s software to end-customers.

The program


Opportunity identification

Partners are encouraged to actively identify new Opportunities for the sales of Skyline products. 

Opportunities are defined as new business opportunities for the sales of Skyline products only (hereafter “Opportunities”).  

When Partners identify an Opportunity, they are invited to file the Opportunity on Skyline’s CRM platform by contacting their Regional Sales Manager or the Partner Success Manager. 

Filing an Opportunity will never grant any kind of exclusivity to a Partner for the filed Opportunity. 

Opportunity lifecycle

A filed Opportunity proves that the Partner discovered the business opportunity and filed it on Skyline’s CRM platform.  

This is a primary and essential step in securing a Business Development Reward for the Opportunity.

Opportunity status 

A filed Opportunity will be granted one of the following active statuses: 

1LeadThe Opportunity is identified, but no business development has been done and there has been no contact with the end customer or no contacts have been found yet. 
2EngagedThe Opportunity is identified, and contact has been made with the end customer. 
3ConfirmedThe customer has confirmed in writing their interest to purchase Skyline Products. 
4QuotedThe Partner has provided a written sales offer to the end customer. 
5NegotiatingThe Partner is negotiating the sales offer with the end customer. 
6Waiting POThe Partner has accepted the sales offer.  

If an Opportunity is not active (anymore), it will be labeled with one of the following inactive statuses: 

7Cold The Opportunity is temporarily postponed, but the Partner accepts that it will be relaunched sometime in the future.
8Closed Won The Opportunity has been won by the Partner.
9Closed Lost The Opportunity has been lost by the Partner.
10Closed Dropped Skyline decided that the Opportunity is not a fit for Skyline Products.

Opportunity reactivation

Skyline encourages Partners to actively pursue Opportunities. To avoid growing a large list of unused or inactive Opportunities, the following scheme will apply to filed Opportunities with status "Lead" and "Engage":

NumberStatusClosesReactivation requirements
1Lead30 days following the filing of the Opportunity.Demonstrated contact with the end customer or business development.
2Engaged90 days following the status change of the Opportunity to ‘Engage’.Demonstrated contact with the end customer and business development.

"Business development" means at a minimum a report about one of the following activities: a meeting, an introduction to Skyline personnel, an exhibition meeting, or a webinar for a consecutive period of time. Other business development activities may be accepted by Skyline in its sole and reasonable discretion.

Qualification as a Registered Opportunity

An Opportunity with the status "Engaged" (2) or "Confirmed" (3) may become a Registered Opportunity once the scope of the project is well-defined, the contacts with the end customer are clearly established and active, and there is an intention to invest expressed by the end customer. A Registered Opportunity is a temporary granted status provided to a Partner who has and is taking a continuous leading role in developing the DataMiner business opportunity.

The following business opportunities cannot be qualified as Registered: (1) where Skyline products will only be a part of a larger offer, or (2) where the end customer officially requests Skyline products from the market.

The qualification as a Registered Opportunity, is a qualification that refers to the Partner’s compensation. It means that the Partner, subject to their compliance with the Rules, will be granted their partner commission or discount as set out in their commercial agreement with Skyline in case of a successful business transaction. This will also be the case if their Registered Opportunity is eventually won by another Partner, provided that the offers to the end customer were identical.

To maintain the qualification of Registered Opportunity, a business development activity needs to be reported to Skyline at least once per month. A Registered Opportunity will become obsolete if it has not transformed into a successful business transaction within 12 months from the day it became a Registered Opportunity.

The successful business transaction

If the Opportunity results in a successful business transaction, the Partner will be eligible for their partner commission or discount as set out in their commercial agreement with Skyline.

If the Opportunity results in a successful business transaction for Skyline, but the Partner has lost the Opportunity to a competitor, the Business Development Reward will be provided to the Partner by Skyline acknowledging the Partner’s business efforts if the opportunity is marked as “Registered”.


The Partner can, at any point in time, withdraw an Opportunity for any reason. Opportunities that have been withdrawn by the Partner can no longer entitle the Partner to a Business Development Reward.

The Partner Success Manager

Skyline’s Partner Success Manager will act as the first point of contact for Partners. The primary goal of this person is to help the Partner with the implementation of the Partnership Program and also during the lifecycle of Opportunities.

The contact details of the Partner Success Manager (PSM) are:

Mrs. Yana Clarysse
Email: yana.clarysse@skyline.be
Tel.: +32 51 31 35 69


Skyline understands that every business situation is different; hence, exceptions to the Rules might be required. Such exceptions need to be agreed upon in writing with Skyline, who will act reasonably in determining if an exception applies.