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I have this issue after every upgrade (I have DataMiner running on Windows 10). For me I can fix it when I open Component Services from the Administrative Tools. There open the DCOM Configuration and...

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Hello Srikanth, can you please check if the DataMiner APIGateway is listed under the installed Programs on the DMA Server? If not, try to install it manually. The installer can be found in the folder...

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Hello Miguel, I normally drag the Index directly from the Parameters and so far had no issues with it. I tried it the way you suggested on a second State Component and that is now just empty. It shows...

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Hello Jo, seems like this might be an issue with how the Java Version on your System parses URLs. Please try this: nodetool -h ::FFFF: version

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Hello Miguel, the idea would be to view the alarm and trend-data of DataMiner that is stored in an offload database with an external tool. My question is if there are any such tools available/recommended....

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Hello Miguel, yes I am planning to use both User Definable API and DataAggregator. I already tested it out locally and it works. It is just that the Customer might not have the money to spend on Reports...

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