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Examples of critical issues

Critical issuesWhy are these critical?
RTEs/Runtime ErrorsRTEs may inhibit the flow of information in your DMS.
Process crashesProcess crashes may cause interaction of DataMiner internal processes to fail and cause a DataMiner restart.
Process disappearancesProcess disappearances may cause interaction of DataMiner internal processes to fail and cause a DataMiner restart.

Identifying the general database

DMA stateHow to identify the database
DMA stopped/offline or stuckMethod A: Check C:\Skyline DataMiner\DB.xml. Check the contents of the "type" tag. If it is empty or if the tag does not exist, it is a MySQL database.
Method B: Check the name of the database process on the database server or DataMiner server:
- prunsrv = Cassandra
- ElasticSearch = Elasticsearch
DMA onlineGo to System Center > Database > General.