August 28

IDP 1.1.9

  • Support for discovery on IPv6 scan ranges.
  • Define an expected software version per CI type, and generate alarms for non-compliant elements.
  • Provision elements with SNMPv3 connections.
  • Discover inventory through Telnet sessions.

Release notes

October 9

IDP 1.1.10

  • Config mgmt: Detect changes between config backups (by checksum comparison on relevant config file parts).
  • Config mgmt: Support backup of config files that are not readable text files
  • Provisioning: Support automatic DNS lookup of hostname on discovered IP addresses, and use this hostname as element name for provisioning
  • “Deleted” tab in Inventory containing IDP managed elements that were deleted from system

Release notes

January 8

DataMiner 10.1.1

  • Enhanced analytics pattern matching.
  • Support for AWS ElasticSearch service.
  • Sharing service.

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January 15

IDP 1.1.11

  • Connectivity: Provision individual discovered connections of an element as DCF connections.
  • Connectivity: Rework of “Connectivity” tab UI.
  • Config mgmt: Select multiple managed elements at once to perform config backup & restore in bulk.
  • Software mgmt: Select multiple managed elements at once to perform software version checks and updates in bulk.
  • Minimum required software version increased to DataMiner X (Main).

Release notes

January 29

DataMiner 10.1.2

  • Cassandra cluster: migration tool.
  • Release of Best Practice Analyzer (BPA).
  • Larger upgrade for the DataMiner Dashboards bar chart component.

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February 26

DataMiner 10.1.3

  • Elasticsearch: Support to offload to multiple clusters.
  • DataMiner Object Model: Initial release.
  • Support for hyperlinked DataMiner Cube launch. cube://

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March 1

IDP 1.1.12

  • Automate and build your infrastructure workflows with IDP and Process Automation.
  • Perform configuration updates with any file from the DataMiner Configuration Archive.
  • Silent installation.

Release notes

March 26

DataMiner 10.1.4

  • Augmented operations: Alarm grouping on any custom alarm property you added.
  • BPA: Scheduled execution.
  • Cube Surveyor: Option to collapse DVE and function under the main element.
  • GQI: Import queries used in other dashboards in your system.

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April 23

DataMiner 10.1.5

  • Node edge component improvements, e.g. dynamic coloring.
  • GQI: Time range in feeds.
  • Jobs: Better filtering, including time range filtering.
  • Log collector tool in DataMiner Taskbar Utility.
  • SRM performance improvements.

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April 23

IDP 1.1.13

  • Provision and update inventory from IS-04 registry into DataMiner.
  • Process Automation activity “Take config backup”.
  • New UI for creating and managing Racks & Locations in Admin > Facilities tab.

Release notes

May 1

PLM 0.1.0 POC

  • Digitize and automate your planned maintenance processes.
  • Make sure your maintenance activities don’t disturb your day-to-day operations, by booking the impacted resources so that they can’t be used for future services during the maintenance interval.
  • Mask network element alarms to avoid alarms originating from resources under maintenance.
  • Mask alarms from elements upstream and/or downstream in network topology.
May 21

DataMiner 10.1.6

  • Dashboards: Stacked trend graphs.
  • API deployment through script.

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June 18

PTP 1.1.2

  • Support for multiple autonomous PTP domains.
  • Add your PTP domains to DataMiner.
  • Assign elements to one of the domains.
  • Separate application UI per domain.

Release notes

June 18

DataMiner 10.1.7

  • Spectrum recording playback functionality.
  • Import/export of service profile definitions and instances.
  • New progress bar dashboard component.

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June 30

DAA 0.1.0 POC

  • Upgrade existing cable infrastructure with DAA and leverage process automation to automate workflows for installation and replacement of RPD devices.
  • Comply with DOCSIS CableLabs OSSI and NETCONF/YANG standard.
  • Provision CCAP core fully automatically with new RPDs (announce RPD on the correct CCAP core, load correct templates).
July 16

DataMiner 10.1.8

  • Support for Failover without specifying a virtual IP.
  • Visual Overview history mode: alarm states & spectrum thumbnails.
  • Dashboards: Re-order table columns.

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September 3

DataMiner 10.1.9

  • GQI: Alarms as data source.
  • DVE: Performance updates.

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September 24

DataMiner 10.1.10

  • GQI: Lazy loading in dashboards.
  • Cube: System-wide install.
  • Visual Overview history mode: parameter values.
September 30

DOM 0.2.0 MVP

  • Highly customizable data store.
  • User-defined life cycle management & visualization of the object.
  • Build custom definitions on top of a DataMiner object with DOM definitions.
  • Audit trail for each DataMiner object.
  • Out-of-the-box HTML5 components (list view with comprehensive filtering, instance view, state visualization).
  • Integrated in DataMiner Process Automation.
September 30

PA 1.3

  • History of tokens in a process (monitoring).
  • Integrate with other external or internal OSS/BSS processes.
  • Overview of all automated processes in DataMiner.
  • New BPMN start & end events (None start event, Timer start event, None end event).
September 30

PLM 0.2.0 MVP

  • User-friendly HTML interface to create PLM jobs from any browser.
  • Allows maintenance on elements.
  • Schedule overview of all PLM jobs and their anticipated duration.
  • Resource reservation timeline view shows when resources are reserved to process services or for maintenance planning.
  • Customized reports for all stakeholders in value chain (e.g. historical and real-time data from planned maintenance jobs).
  • PLM execution performance KPIs.
  • Detailed audit trails and logs of all operator & PLM activities.
October 8

EPM 1.0.0

  • Solution for management of networks for cable-based multi-service delivery (broadband, voice, broadcast & narrowcast video).
  • Supports all DOCSIS versions and forward/reverse splits, centralized and distributed access architectures (DAA).
  • End-to-end coverage from service core(s), across CIN (DAA only), up to service endpoints (e.g. cable modem, set-top box).
  • Supports any vendor and function implementation.
  • KPI/KQI information, topologies and tables covering among others:
    • Functions, physical interface & resource associations, both physical and logical.
    • Network & service quality, service group utilization.
    • Modem latency, jitter and packet loss rate (PLR).
  • All data also accessible through DataMiner’s powerful dashboards component.
  • Integration with third-party databases for collection of subscriber, location and service information.
October 22

DataMiner 10.1.11

  • Migration SQL to Cassandra cluster and Elasticsearch cluster.
  • Conditional monitoring based on service impact.
November 19
December 17
December 31

EPM 1.1.0

  • Support for CableLabs D3.0 Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM).
  • Maps visualization of logical levels and actual elements incl. their general and PNM status.
  • Support for D3.1 DS OFDM and US OFDMA channel coding.
  • Extension of latency, jitter and PLR performance reporting from modem level up to higher topology levels.
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