DataMiner Dojo update – January 2022

DataMiner Dojo update – January 2022

Bye-bye, FOMO – Catch up on the latest and greatest the DataMiner Community has to offer!

Happy New Year!

Also in 2022 we continue our mission to keep you informed about the latest and greatest our DataMiner Community has to offer: interesting insights, fascinating use cases, insightful learning material, and other useful resources that are just too valuable to miss out on!

That’s why we’ve put together this time-saving overview with all of December’s top picks from the DataMiner Community.

Now you have the latest and greatest DataMiner Community information right at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for?

Editor’s pick: must-read blog posts

Catch up on the latest news, from the tiniest DataMiner details to the latest industry trends.

  1. 3 brand-new upcoming DataMiner connectors – 3 min. read
  2. Supported System Data Storage – 3 min. read
  3. Empower your Digital Transformation with DataMiner – 2 min. read
  4. Project Collaboration: Take a look at these exciting new features – 4 min. read

On December 9th, 2021, a critical vulnerability was identified in Apache Log4j, a popular Java logging library.

While DataMiner itself does not rely on Log4j, some databases used with DataMiner, i.e. Elasticsearch databases, may be affected. Cassandra databases are not affected.

DataMiner is typically deployed with Elasticsearch version 6.8.X. We strongly encourage users running Elasticsearch 6.X to follow the steps mentioned in the article to mitigate the vulnerability.

Editor’s pick: 5 questions and their answers

Join the DataMiner discussion, from the tiniest details to the biggest trends.
Over 2,150 questions have been posted and answered already.

  1. Can DataMiner be installed under a domain account?
  2. How to move Elastic nodes to new servers?
  3. Is there a document(s) that details the Cube client differences?
  4. How can I create tickets within automation scripts?

Want to join in?

Ask a question of your own and get it answered by the community!

Please note that you need to be logged in to access our Q&A portal: in the top-right corner of the screen, click LOG IN and authenticate yourself with your corporate email address.

Editor’s pick: recently added use cases

Our use cases are here to inspire you. Leverage what DataMiner has to offer
to the maximum extent. These have been added recently:

Sony Live Element Orchestrator (LEO) – UHD ALL-IP OB-truck
Multiple monitoring and control surfaces have been deployed to keep control on all aspects of a UHD All-IP OB-truck.

Riedel Smart Panel integration
Take a look at how the Riedel Smart Panel integrates with DataMiner.
The Smart Panel runs Riedel’s control panel app, which is based on open NMOS standards.

Lawo Power Core – Audio Processor
In this use case we  show an overview of the Power Core connector and a basic control surface built for one of our DataMiner users.

Harmonic VOS
The Harmonic VOS connector enables you to monitor the services, sources and destinations retrieved from the VOS application, a cloud-native software that can run in private or public data centers.

Appear XC Platform
This use case demonstrates how our Appear General (XC5000/XC5100) connector can be used with the IP Input & Output and Descrambler modules in the Appear General (XC5000/XC5100) chassis.

Please note that you need to be logged in to access our use cases: in the top-right corner of the screen, click LOG IN and authenticate yourself with your corporate email address.

Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint!
Our improved Skylicons are now available in monotone and duotone.

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